Lydia – The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA – 8.25.18

Lydia | The Troubadour

West Hollywood, CA | 8.25.18

Photos and word by Jay Mendez

Lydia ended their North American tour with Cherry Pools and Jared & The Mill at The Troubadour on Saturday August 25th.

We all know that the last day of tour somehow ends up being the best. All the bands know each other’s sets and have developed a fun show where members of each act can hop on other’s sets and contribute. Now that makes for a fun and interesting show!

Cherry Pools opened up the night with their pop vibes preaching more love and no hate to the crowd. Their unique get ups and dance tunes really brought in the crowd.

Jared & The Mill followed with a polar opposite style similar to Mumford & Sons including a banjo. Similarly, however, the were all about love and bringing everyone together as well.

Tying the night together was Lydia who filled the house and played hit after hit from their first albums to new hits off of their Liquor album out earlier this year.

Every act meshed together for songs and gave off the biggest friendship vibes from any tour i have ever been to.

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