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Madder Than March Madness 2016 – Holloway Productions – 3.12.2016

Attending a local DIY show on a Saturday night was a last minute plan. Now last minute plans are often a hit or miss, but who could go wrong with an event called “Madder Than March Madness”? It had been roughly two years since I’d last attended a DIY show, but by no means was this show a “miss” in my book.

The event opened up with The Danger, formerly known as BesidesFAME, who have been playing together for over ten years. In between songs, each member kindly reminded the audience of their veteranship. The band mentioned MySpace multiple times as well as playing an older track dated to the early 2000’s. The Danger performed their set with fine tuned musicianship that could only be attributed to their years of experience together.

Next up were Plants, an indie rock/post punk band who are new on the scene. For playing their first show, the boys in Plants delivered a remarkable set. Their high energy and electrifying stage presence set the tone for the rest of the night. Plants jammed out to original songs and ended their performance with Hoobastank’s “The Reason”. The band surprised the audience with an abrupt ending as they broke into the first few lines of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” before exiting the stage.

Following Plants were Desert Woman, a four piece indie/alternative band. The band’s performance caused the audience’s energy to skyrocket. Desert Woman played two cover songs during their set, which had the crowd moshing to Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down” and Blink-182’s “First Date”. By the end, the crowd was hyped up and ready for more.

Fortunately for the showgoers, The Freedman’s Bureau gave a show stopping performance. The genre bending band showcased original music that included spoken word mixed with alternative, experimental, and post-hardcore influences. Song after song, The Freedmen’s Bureau gave powerful performances and owned the stage. Towards the end of their set, the band changed the scene by turning on strobe lights as smoke from their fog machine filled the air. The venue turned into one large dance party as band members found themselves amongst the rowdy audience. The Freedmen’s Bureau went out with a bang, in a literal sense, as their drummer played a booming drum solo. As the lights switched on and the crowd dispersed, I stood there knowing I had just experienced one of the best performances in my life.

Unfortunately, I had to leave before catching Echavox’s set, but at least I ended the night on a high note.

Check out each band’s social media below:

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Desert Woman
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The Freedmen’s Bureau
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Facebook | BandcampTwitter | Instagram


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