Pierce The Veil, Neck Deep, I Prevail

The Warfield – San Francisco, CA – 9.3.2016

Photos by Kelly Young

This Saturday night, Pierce the Veil began their Made to Destroy tour in San Francisco. After releasing their fourth studio album, Misadventures, in May and failing to play the Bay Area on their tour promoting it, San Francisco fans were eager to see them play and it showed. The line stretched almost all the way around the block and the atmosphere was quite cheerful, with musicians playing acoustically and everyone making new friends, despite the contradictory dark themes of the music everyone was there to see.

I Prevail were the first to play to the first crowd of the Made to Destroy tour, and by the looks of it they gained many new fans. Everyone was singing and the crowd was moving as one by the end of their set. Especially notable was their cover of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift and the crowds willingness to sing along to this song so far outside of the genre they came for.

Neck Deep came next and got the crowd even more excited, if possible. Very few people refrained from singing along and no one was sitting in the upper level balcony seats of the Warfield, everyone was on their feet. Neck Deep played “I Hope This Comes Back to Haunt You” off their most recent album “Life’s Not Out to Get You” for the first time ever, a very exciting experience for their most dedicated fans. Hearing thousands of people sing those uplifting experience was a truly incredible experience.

Finally, the screen dropped after Pierce the Veil’s introduction video and all four members exited a spaceship broken in two pieces in the middle of the stage and started playing “Dive In”, glowing under blacklight. A few people crying, most singing along, and everyone moving and dancing along. The show was complete with a traditional Mexican folk dancer during “Bulls in the Bronx”, an acoustic performance of “Kissing in Cars” and a lucky concert goer being brought on stage and serenaded during “Bulletproof Love”. The stage production, set list and overall energy put off by the performers and reflected by the crowd made the concert memorable for everyone there.

The Made to Destroy Tour is on track to be Pierce the Veil’s best yet, and I would highly recommend going if you have the chance.