Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra – The Bomb Factory – 11.28.18

Manchester Orchestra

The Bomb Factory – Dallas, TX – 11.28.18

Photo and Review by: Nikki Phillips


Manchester orchestra and The Front Bottoms, two bands that operate in the same genre, but don’t always share a fan base. That all changed when they embarked on their co-headlining tour across America. They brought along opener, Brother Bird, from Nashville, Tennessee to sweeten the pot. She set the tone for what was bound to be a magical night and wowed the crowd by performing her best work, including her single, “Leave it Alone.” It was everything the crowd needed to prepare their ears and souls for Manchester Orchestra to take the stage.

If your expectations are already set high for Manchester Orchestra, there is definitely a reason! Per the usual, they did not disappoint. They kept the room captivated and swaying along to the tunes we’ve all grown to love. The peaceful and humbling flow of their work created an atmosphere that I recommend everyone submerge themselves in at some point in their lives. While our heads were in the clouds, Manchester Orchestra passed the torch to their co-headliner.
The Front Bottoms took the stage last, but they were most definitely not least. The upbeat change of pace was exactly what the crowd needed to finish out an amazing night. The most fascinating part of the show was watching the crowd react to what seemed like an unlikely combination of musicians. They created a melting pot of fans from all walks of life that become one in the celebration of good music and a good time. Ultimately, this was time well spent for everyone involved and did not disappoint! As if we needed anything else to make this tour even cooler, Manchester Orchestra and The Front Bottoms even collaborated on a new song together called, “Allentown.” Check out the single and photos from their Dallas tour date below!



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