Miguel – The Fillmore Miami Beach – 03.30.18

Miguel – The War & Leisure Tour
Miami, FL – 3.30.18
Photos by Alex Liscio

March 30th in the Miami area was a busy one for concerts. Betty Who was playing a small capacity show in Fort Lauderdale at the Culture Room. Demi Lovato was performing with DJ Khaled and Kehlani just 20 minutes away from The Fillmore at American Airlines Arena. Miguel unveiled a captivating and seductive performance to a sold out crowd at The Fillmore. It’s safe to say there was a show for everyone going on last Friday night.

Nonchalant Savant opened up the show with a laid back set. As he walked on stage, voices from the front row were excitedly commenting, “Oh, it’s Miguel’s brother!” If that wasn’t a hint that his set was going to be soothing and a great way to start the show, his unique voice was. He instantly won the crowd over and serenaded them with his soulful tracks.

SiR graced the stage with a moody vibe and memorable vocals. SiR has been signed to Top Dawg Entertainment for just over a year now, and has been climbing to the top since. Performing alongside a dj and keyboardist, the artist delivered a soulful performance that was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Toward the end of his set, he had the crowd cheering so loud that people outside of the stage area thought Miguel had gone on early.

Miguel was scheduled to hit the stage at 9:40p.m. and had the crowd on their toes as they anticipated his soon-to-be incredible performance. At 9:36p.m., the room went dark and the screen lit up. The powerful music video for the closing track on War & Leisure, “Now,” acted as the intro to his set. As the music video came to a close, the screen read, “a portion of tonight’s merch sales are being donated to Black Alliance for Just Immigration.”

Gracing the stage at 9:40p.m. sharp, Miguel emerged at the top of his stage setup. Backlit from the panel, and joined by his drummer and keyboard player, Miguel walked back and forth on the structure while dancing provocatively to the set’s opener, “Criminal.” Impressing everyone in the crowd, it didn’t take long for the audience to be won over completely. Equipped with four different segments in the set- plus an encore, paired with wardrobe changes, Miguel’s fans had no idea what he had in store for them for the rest of the night.

While performing “The Thrill,” Miguel jumped off the platform to the ramp, teasing fans as he walked up and down it, not yet walking on the actual stage yet. The Fillmore is an intimate venue with a short stage close to the barrier, so fans were itching for the singer to walk toward them. Finally touching down on the stage, Miguel started singing, “How Many Drinks?” while stripping himself of his jacket, sending fans into a frenzy. Pouring his soul into his performance, the artist sang every note perfectly and synchronized with everyone in the room. From the GA pit to the mezzanine seats, everyone in the room was off their feet, singing their hearts out with Miguel. The energy in the room was unmatchable and something incredibly special.

Nonchalant Savant