Miranda Glory’s “Blue Eyes” Is A Summertime Hypnosis

June is finally here, which practically means summer is here even if the weather doesn’t say so.

And while you’re rolling down the street feeling the wind whisp past your cheeks, you’re playing your favorite summer jams.

Then you stumble upon Miranda Glory’s upcoming release, “Blue Eyes,” which forces you to finally put those shades on and ride off into the sunset feeling crisp and cool.

The track, which comes out on Friday, June 9 and features rapper Matty Owens, has the unique flair that wakes you up and keeps you up for hours.

The repetitive, yet fresh synth meshed with an elastic and bendy bass track compliments Glory’s melody that’s fit for a classic 1990’s R&B track.

“We were bouncing off different melodies,” Glory said. “Then we got the idea to cut out in the chorus and just went with it. We wanted it to be laid back and not too dark – just a fun, chill, summer-vibe song.”

Glory anchored her way toward a new sound from a quieter and more acoustic focus with “Blue Eyes” that will surely launch her forthcoming material past Los Angeles skyscrapers.

“I think what happened was I was getting into more electronic style [music while] collaborating with different producers,” Glory said. “Eventually, the two sounds got married together.”

Glory, in general, would be a perfect fit to be the fourth member of TLC, especially with a track like “Blue Eyes.”

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