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Movements – St. Andrews Hall – 11.18.17

Knuckle Puck, Movements, Home Safe & Jetty Bones
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 11.18.2017
Photographer: Robert Sherman

Having just released their debut full-length record, Feel Something not even a month ago, pop-punk/emo quartet Movements have embarked on a nationwide tour to provide support for fellow pop punkers Knuckle Puck, who have also recently released their second album, Shapeshifter.

The evening started out with Jetty Bones performing a lively set, having jumped onto the tour with four dates left after With Confidence withdrew themselves from the tour package earlier last week.

Homesafe, which is also Knuckle Puck bassist Ryan Rumchaks side project, also played.

Movements started their direct support slot with thunderous applause when the band began playing “Colorblind” from their new record, ripping through the song while the sold out Detroit crowd screamed back every word.

That being said, if I were an innocent bystander, having just walked into the venue, and I saw Movements playing, I would have definitely assumed that they were at least a co-headlining band, if not the actual headliner. I base this statement on the incredible reaction of the crowd to every song that the Southern California band played.

The band moved between tracks from their EP Outgrown Things and Feel Something with ease, playing almost every track from the EP with fan favorites from the new record sprinkled in between.

“Nineteen” was the best received song from the crowd off of Outgrown Things, which is a song that many people can relate to, with an overall theme of not allowing societies norms dictate what success is measured at. This song was dedicatedly screamed right back at vocalist Patrick Miranda by the fans.

The two standout tracks from Feel Something were definitely “Deadly Dull” and “Daylily,” the latter’s music video was just released and is co-directed by Miranda, was perhaps the bright spot of an already shining set list.

Miranda struggled through various parts of “Daylily” and he was visibly upset with how his voice was working, but the crowd took it upon themselves to lift him up when he was down, belting the chorus of the track to the lead singer. This reaction forced a smile out of Miranda, which is something I’ve rarely seen during performances by Movements.

I mean, his shirt said “EMO,” so smiling isn’t necessarily Movements brand, which is fine because their music translates so well to individuals their age, allowing people to relate on a very deep level to the lyrics that Miranda pens and puts in front of incredible composition from Ira George, Spencer York, and Austin Cressey.

We sat down with Movements before their set in Detroit to talk about their new record Feel Something, click here to read the interview!




Knuckle Puck




Jetty Bones

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