Musink Festival – Costa Mesa, CA – 03.16-18.2018

Musink Festival
OC Fairgrounds – Costa Mesa, CA – 03.16.2018 – 03.18.2018
Photos by Salma Bustos

Travis Barker’s eleventh annual Musink Festival in Costa Mesa, California was a big hit. The three-day festival hosted plenty of food trucks, car show, tattoo convention and live concert performances. The energy was great; nothing short of good vibes for all three days.

Upon entering the festival, the second you step foot onto grounds, you walk into either the tattoo convention or a hallway of sparkling hot rods. Tattoo shops and tattooers came from all around the country to create art for Musink three-day weekend. The tattoo halls were filled with bustling people and the sound of buzzing needles filled the air. Hundreds of people were seen being tattooed all at once.

Meanwhile, food trucks, vendors and band merchandise were found outside. For being a half indoor-outdoor venue, everything was perfectly placed so you could see the stage from anywhere on the grounds.

Day one was for the fans that had listened to the bands of the hardcore punk scene of the earlier years. Spanish Love Songs opened up the entire festival, setting a great tone for the rest of the weekend. The band seemed very excited to be there and to play music for the Musink crowd, and the crowd reciprocated the excitement as well. The Adolescents went on soon afterward and led the crowd in a few chants. The nostalgic vibes could be felt in the air and it was apparent that they have a fanbase of longtime committed listeners. Strung Out played next and their energy filled the room. Fear went on when the sun had set, but everyone still had high energy and sang along throughout their entire set. The band that was long awaited the entire night took the stage and everyone went wild. Descendents had their hometown crowd in the palm of their hand to close out the first day of the festival.

The second day’s lineup brought out significantly more people than day one and three. Lil Aaron, a two-piece, opened the stage with classic Warped Tour band samples such as the intros to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” and “Misery Business”, to which they added their own flare. The Interrupters, a ska-punk band from Los Angeles, had everyone moving and dancing to their groovy beats and riffs. The first of the day two heavy hitters, Good Charlotte took the stage and the festival immediately became an early 2000s jam fest. The band knew what their fans wanted to hear and played several older songs that were well appreciated. The band of the night, Blink-182 finally took the stage and the crowd went insane. Starting the night off with a new song, “Cynical” and then diving headfirst into the Blink-182 classics, there was nothing better than being able to see these legends live. It was honestly an amazing experience. The amount of love that their fans have for their music is inexplicable.

Day three at the fest seemed as if everything had now become routine. Nevertheless, spirits were still high and festival goers were ready to go out with a bang. The Fever 333 took the stage, surprising everyone with their stage presence. Lead singer Jason Butler jumped into the crowd several times and started a circle pit in the crowd. The Fever 333 openly speaks on relevant issues and they are a band that will be heard. They make themselves known and demand attention. Following the energetic act, Wifisfuneral went on and delivered a rap performance that the younger crowd was definitely vibing. Machine Gun Kelly’s dedicated fanbase was there for him singing along to every single song. MGK’s crowd fueled the performance energy and vice versa – a give take relationship. To end the night and topping off the three-day festival, Lil Yachty took the crowd by storm with his catchy songs after a brief DJ set by one of his friends. Lil Yachty’s performance really brought the energy. There were plenty of flying water bottles and water being sprayed through the air. Madness ensued – in the best way – and Musink’s eleventh year was sent off on a high note leaving us in anticipation for the next round.

Musink brings different genres of music to their festival, Along with a car show and tattoo convention that a multitude of fans and enthusiasts can enjoy. There is something for everyone at this festival whether it’s hardcore punk, new rock, or hip-hop, Musink does an excellent job at uniting a community of people who sometimes feel like they don’t belong anywhere. Counting this year as another success for Musink, we can’t wait to see what the festival brings in years to come!

Day 1

Spanish Love Songs

The Adolescents

Strung Out



Day 2

Lil Aaron

The Interrupters

Good Charlotte


Day 3

The Fever 333


Machine Gun Kelly

Lil Yachty