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NCT’s Newest Subunit “Dream” Debuts

To most, a 14 member boyband sounds a bit extreme. But by splitting the 14 boys into three subunits, SM, the powerful and successful Korean entertainment company, managed to make it work.

NCT U became the first subunit to debut when they released “The 7th Sense” back in April and NCT 127 later debuted with “Firetruck” in July.

Now, it is NCT Dream’s turn to shine. With the oldest boy in this subunit being born in 1999 and the youngest having been born in 2002, the youngest six members of NCT makeup this subunit.

Their debut song, “Chewing Gum,” is catchy, cute, fun, and bright — totally unlike the other subunits debut songs. “Chewing Gum,” however, matches the age demographic NCT Dream is attempting to hit. With these young boys with their cute smiles in bright pastel clothing dancing with candy in the background, SM Entertainment will have no problem introducing the newest generation into Kpop. That doesn’t necessarily mean anyone over 18 can’t enjoy the song, however.

It’s also available in Chinese!

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