New Politics – Richmond, Va – 11.16.18

New Politics
The National – 11.16.18
Photos and words by Noah Carter

New Politics is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They’re a three piece consisting of the likes of  David Boyd (Lead Vocals), Søren Hansen (Guitar), and Louis Vecchio (Percussion). The band was on an Eastern US fall tour alongside The Score, a two piece indie pop band, and, Bikini Trill, New Politics’ label-mate from California.

NP opened up with a stage presence only a three piece could pull off. Not a single inch of stage was wasted as David Boyd danced and interacted with fellow bandmates. The band, as Boyd expressed, went “back to the basics,” playing a selection of songs off their first few albums mixed with their new hits as well. They finished the night with their most well known song, “Harlem,” leaving the crowd singing along.