Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Announces The Return Of ChobeeWobee Village

Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival announces the return and expansion of ChobeeWobee Village!

Co-Curated by Kulturehaus, ChobeeWobee Village is the cultural nexus of the festival that will provide a place to mingle, wander, explore, stretch, and relax amongst a myriad of carefully crafted (and curated) curiosities.

ChobeeWobee Village is home to Yogachobee, The Earth Arts Academy and the Healing Sanctuary. All three have their own mind-expanding programming which is sure to stretch the body, and soul while polishing up one’s survival skills. Roving jugglers, performers, fire-spinners and rogue parades will weave together the late night surreal tapestry and entice you to let go and play.

ChobeeWobee Village is also the festival’s arts, crafts, and non-profits agora – a vibrant market where trinkets, accessories, clothes, and world saving ideas are abundant for festivalgoers. Kulturehaus founder Tyler Hanson says “It’s a wonderful opporunity to work with Soundslinger as they blaze their own path creating Chobeewobee Village as a beacon of light in a crowded festival market”

Three-day passes for Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival are completely sold out. Limited four-day passes at the final price tier remain.