Owl City Announces New Album

After taking some time off from Owl City, Adam Young is back to share a new album. Set to release on June 1st, 2018, Owl City’s album Cinematic will feature a whopping 18 tracks which, Young says, will encompass his life stories. Since June 2018 is a long time to wait, in the meantime, he will be releasing three “reels” composed of three songs each.

Beginning Friday, November 3rd, fans will be able to pre-order Cinematic, and will receive each reel as it is released.

A message from Owl City:

“About a year ago, I started working on a new Owl City album. I found myself writing about the magic of life…the amazing people I’ve met and the places that I’ve seen. I’m so proud to announce that those songs will make up my new 18 track album that will be released on June 1st, 2018. The album will be titled “Cinematic” because just like the movies, life if full of magic.

“I know June 1st, 2018 is a long time to wait for the new album, so between now and then I’ll be releasing three Reels (or EPs) featuring three songs each! Starting this Friday, you can pre-order the album everywhere and receive a download of each Reel instantly as they come out!”