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THE LAB, Presented by The Verge and Powered by HP INC., Will Allow Festivalgoers to Experience Innovative Hands-On Art Installations Created Exclusively by New York City Artists.

PANORAMA, a new music festival making its debut July 22-24 in New York City’s Randall’s Island Park, will showcase forward-looking creativity far beyond its musical line-up with THE LAB. PANORAMA is a modern day World’s Fair of music, art, and technology with THE LAB as its hub of immersive storytelling, inviting festivalgoers to challenge all of their senses. This interactive experience, presented by The Verge and powered by HP INC. features works that combine technology, artistry, and design, created exclusively by New York-based artists for display only at PANORAMA.
PANORAMA celebrates New York’s unparalleled position at the nexus of music and art alongside the technology that binds the city’s creative innovators together. THE LAB, designed and curated by, places experiential digital art at the heart of a world-class music festival with seven interactive installations and a massive 360 virtual reality theater. THE LAB is a playground of music and technology that can only be experienced at PANORAMA.
THE LAB is composed of three elements: the façade, the exhibition, and the dome.
● The Façade: Produced by VolvoxLabs, the façade encompasses the entire exterior of THE LAB and serves to heighten the visceral experience for the attendees. The ultra-high-definition video will be projection-mapped onto the surface of The LAB creating a new visual journey throughout the festival.

● The Exhibition: The exhibition will feature a series of dynamic and immersive art installations driven by technology. Artists designing installations include Emilie Baltz, FutureWife, Dave & Gabe, Gabriel Pulecio (AKA Lustix), Mountain Gods, Red Paper Heart, and Zachary Lieberman.

● The Dome: Visually produced by Invisible Light Network and Dirt Empire and original music, sound design, and spherical audio spatialization by Antfood, the 70 foot dome allows 400 festivalgoers at a time to experience a 360 degree immersive theater.

“The relationship between art, music, and technology is blurring in ways unimaginable in the past. THE LAB exhibition at Panorama will showcase immersive installations, powered solely by HP Inc.’s powerful breadth of PCs,” said Alyson Griffin, Head of Marketing, HP Inc. Americas. “It’s thrilling to help young artists’ visions come to life so festivalgoers can get their hands on interesting exhibits as well as the latest HP Inc. technology. Our powerful PCs, like never before, are enabling young creators to do things they could only imagine in the past.”
In the weeks leading up to PANORAMA, The Verge will unveil a series of original videos that give a behind-the-scenes look at these innovative art installations and showcase the artists creating them.
“The Verge explores the collision of technology, science, art, and culture; THE LAB is that collision come to life in a series of incredible experiences,” said Nilay Patel, The Verge’s Editor-in-Chief. “We can’t wait to bring the artists in THE LAB to the Verge’s audience, and for the Panorama audience to walk into THE LAB to see the future of art and technology first hand.”
Artists Installations as Part of The Exhibition of THE LAB:
● Cotton Candy Theremin created by Emilie Baltz & Philip Sierzega, Creative Coding by Charlie Whitney and Audio by Antfood.
o DESCRIPTION: The Cotton Candy Theremin is an interactive performance piece that remixes the interface of making cotton candy by transforming it into a multi-sensory orchestration. By spinning a cotton candy cone over wisps of candy floss, festivalgoers trigger sounds and visuals that transform a Cotton Candy Machine into an instrument for play.

● Visceral Recess created by Future Wife
o DESCRIPTION: A highly-responsive playground for festivalgoers, this inflatable structure encourages bouncing, hugging, rolling, and squeezing to create a unique auditory and visual environment that encourages its inhabitants to become more familiar with their intrinsic selves.

● Hyper Thread created by Dave & Gabe
o DESCRIPTION: Hyper Thread is a large-scale interactive sonic experience that invites the audience to explore, manipulate, and create sounds in real time through tactile engagement. Via a series of silk cocoons inside of a larger undulating silk envelope, tension and movement of the audience are translated into various components of the 3D soundscape and immersive lighting environment.

● Infinite Wall created by Gabriel Pulecio AKA Lustix
o DESCRIPTION: Infinite Wall is an interactive installation consisting of mirrors, lights, and sounds that responds to an individual’s presence. Equipped with a motion sensor, the sculpture can capture the position of one or more festivalgoers and trigger a ripple in time resulting in an ever changing visual and auditory environment.

● Giant Gestures created by Mountain Gods
o DESCRIPTION: The small finger gestures that we use to operate our mobile devices suddenly becomes supersized body language movements through the Giant Gestures installation. Here, festivalgoers will be given the opportunity to manipulate an oversized touch sensitive screen through the use of giant props. Tapping, swiping, and playing mini games takes on a new personality as simple micro gestures are reinterpreted for the human body.

● The Art of Pinball created by Red Paper Heart
o DESCRIPTION: The Art of Pinball reimagines the experience of a vintage pinball machine, into a tool of digital art performance. The delightful clicks, hums, and whirs of a mechanical machine are all grounded in real tactile sensation. The installation imagines the world around these tactile responses and explores what it means to turn pinball into an instrument of performance. As festivalgoers play the game, visuals appear to emanate from the machine itself and rise above into dynamic compositions. A player’s actions become larger than life, turning a mere game into something to behold.

● Reflection Study created by Zachary Lieberman
o DESCRIPTION: Reflection Study is based on a series of software explorations of how light reflects and refracts and the various patterns like caustics which emerge. A special light table will be created to allow the festivalgoers to interact, explore, and create with light and shadow in a playful and exploratory way.


For additional information and to purchase passes, visit PANORAMA.NYC.