Papa Roach – Wellmont Theater – 4/11/18

Papa Roach / Crooked Teeth World Tour
Montclair, NJ
Photos by Dieter Unrath

Roaches never die which explains why Papa Roach is still doing so well in the third different decade of their bands existence. The hard rock band fresh off their support tour with A Day To Remember nearly sold out the Wellmont Theater, with Nothing More and Escape The Fate supporting.

Escape The Fate are nearly metalcore veterans at this point that still fit in with the rock crowd. The band played songs off their latest release as well as older songs like The Guillotine Pt. 2. Craig Mabbit kept the crowd energized while drummer Robert Ortiz couldn’t even stay seated while he ripped through the songs.

Nothing More are one of the most energizing alternative bands right now and showed why. Half vocal god half percussion prodigy Jonny Hawkins showed off his many talents (and ripped abs) as he ran around the stage hitting notes, smacking skins, and making dubstep with some sort of contraption that looked like it should be in Halo 3. The light show made spectators feel like they were in a distant galaxy as they showcased songs from their newest release, including the Grammy nominated song “Go To War”.

Papa Roach closed the night and showed why they are still one of the most relevant rock bands on Earth. The band played twenty something songs in front of a dazzling light show that spread throughout their discography. “Scars” and “Last Resort” closed out the show of course but I was also introduced to new songs that kick just as hard, like their album title track “Crooked Teeth”. Jacoby Shaddix still screams hard as heck despite performing in this band for 25 years and can control a crowd like no other. Check out photos from the night below.

Nothing More

Papa Roach