Record Store Day – Criminal Records – 4.22.17

Record Store Day
Criminal Records – 4.22.17
Photos by: Ashton Garner

Since 2007, independently owned record stores across the United States have participated in the yearly event known as Record Store Day. This day is meant to celebrate the little guy    the small business    and the ever-growing music industry. This year, Criminal Records kicked it off in all the right ways. Throughout the day, the store hosted many DJ and live performance sets, alongside raffles to win concert tickets, and sales on both vinyl and CDs.

Beginning at 2pm, Criminal Records hosted DJ sets every hour for customers to jam along to while shopping for their new favorite record. Later in the day starting at 6, live bands had the chance to perform. I had the opportunity to catch JohnBoy & SurroundSound and The Gartrells.

JohnBoy & SurroundSound got the whole store jamming. Their upbeat, jazzy style drew a huge crowd, and they made sure to entertain even between songs. Not only did they feature the typical live band instruments, they also included trombones, tubas, and trumpets in the mix. The addition of the extra instruments made the set even more enjoyable. The whole band performed choreographed moves in sync with their tunes that made their set incredibly fun to watch.

The last band of the night was The Gartrells. They closed out the shows of the night with some cool, energetic rock tunes. The Gartrells brought their all to the stage and put on a killer performance. Their songs were easy to jam to and the whole set was fun to experience. They made sure to end the night right and lay to rest another Record Store Day for the books.

All in all, Criminal Records held a smashing Record Store Day, and if next year comes anywhere close to this year’s event, it’s not something I’ll want to miss. The eclectic arrangement of in-store performances coupled with the laid back atmosphere of the store provided a great way to spend a Saturday.

Criminal Records

JohnBoy & SurroundSound

The Gartrells