Sherwood – Some Things Never Leave You

Artist: Sherwood
Album: Some Things Never Leave You
For Fans of: Relient K, Death Cab For Cutie
Reviewer: Angelica Nicolle Abalos

It’s been quite a while since Sherwood released what was thought to be their final record, QU, leaving fans wondering if they would ever see these boys back in the scene. But after seven years, and with a little crowdfunding help from their fans, Sherwood is back and better than ever. Once signed to MySpace Records, Sherwood’s resurrection comes with their fourth album, Some Things Never Leave You.

With new musical inspiration, though also never abandoning beloved sounds, Some Things Never Leave You is a prime example of balance between old and new. Some Things gives new and existing fans a reason to fall in love with their music. While showing us a maturity in Sherwood’s musicianship, the album is packed full of catchy, pop tunes that are lyrically centered around topics of young love, friendship, and growing up, which are reminiscent of songs that shaped the MySpace generation. The album fills us with feelings of nostalgia for the music of the mid-2000s, ultimately serving as a reminder that some things never do leave you.

Throughout the album, Sherwood incorporates new ambient vibes into the classic punk/pop sound that die-hard fans know and love. Each song is paired with striking vocals that are smooth, clean, and delicate against soft, steady instrumentation. No matter the tempo, the drums drive each track with a toe-tapping groove. Everything about Some Things hooks you in and leaves you wanting more. It is truly an addicting album to listen to–you’ll never grow tired of it, nor will it ever leave you unsatisfied.

From anthemic rock/pop songs all the way to their easy listening ballads, Sherwood displays perfected musicianship with their comeback album, making it clear that the band has grown since their absence. Some Things Never Leave You is out on June 17th, just in time for the summer, and it is definitely an album you don’t want to miss.