So Much Light – Beat Kitchen – 05.03.17

So Much Light 

Beat Kitchen / Chicago, IL / 05.03.2017

Photos by: Zeltzin Vazquez

So Much Light is an R&B/Pop duo based out of Sacramento, California. The project performed this past Wednesday, May 3rd at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. Frontman, Damien Verrett, emits this visceral energy as his own personal projector beams him with his own visuals. The visuals he used were able to allow the audience members to connect to the music on more than just an auditory level as if the group’s music needed even more of a special touch. The smooth beats and soulful vocals filled the room and created a vibrant setting for all to enjoy.

So Much Light is currently on a US run with local Chicago hip hop artist, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. If they happen to be coming through your town, be sure to catch their set! It is definitely a unique experience beyond worth such a small cost.
5/08 – Philadelphia, PA
5/09 – Vienna, VA
5/12 – Dallas, TX
5/13 – Houston, TX
5/14 – Austin, TX
5/15 – El Paso, TX
5/16 – Tempe, AZ
5/17 – Las Vegas, NV
5/18 – Los Angeles, CA
5/19 – Oakland, CA
5/20 – Chico, CA

So Much Light