Song Review: Troye Sivan – My My My!

It’s been three years since the world has received an album from Troye Sivan, a 22 year old singer-songwriter from South Africa. While Sivan released a collaboration with Alessia Cara in 2016 (WILD), and a duo with EDM superstar Martin Garrix in 2017 (There For You), it has been awhile since we have heard brand new music from Troye himself, collaborations aside.

“My My My!” is an eclectic single that makes you want to dance. While the track has characteristics that are true to Sivan’s previous releases, “My My My!” has much more funk, experimentation, and has The 1975-esque tones. Rich gang vocals, bass lines, and electronic tones paint a futuristic picture in the mind of a listener. The single is the perfect song to listen to while driving late at night with the windows down in a packed car with your closest friends until the sun rises. “My My My!” is the definition of a night that is still young. This one is going to be stuck on repeat, sticking around in your monthly playlists until the end of the year— and 2018 just got started.

“My My My!” is available everywhere now.