State Champs – Irving Plaza – 5.11.2017

State Champs, Against The Current, With Confidence, Don Broco
Irving Plaza – New York, NY – 5.10.2017
Words and photos by Brittany Isaacson

State Champs recently finished up a wild tour with Against The Current, With Confidence, and Don Broco. The tour made a two-night stop in New York for some packed shows at Irving Plaza.

First to take the stage was British rock group Don Broco, pleasing the crowd with their alt-rock meets post-hardcore sound. Everyone was feeling their unique style and funk influences. Vocalist Rob Damiani made sure to make interacting with fans a priority; at one point he placed himself in the middle of the pit and prompted the crowd to create a mosh pit around him. Don Broco added their own flair to the show and was the perfect opener for this tour.

Next was With Confidence, a pop-punk group hailing from Sydney, Australia. The group wasted no time diving into a set full of energy as they opened up with their most popular song, “Voldemort.” Other popular songs played include “Archers” and “Godzilla,” before closing their set with “Keeper.”

Against the Current graced the stage next, opening with “Blood Like Gasoline.” Vocalist Chrissy Costanza owned the stage with her powerful vocals and fierce presence. The group proceeded to play a lively set, keeping the crowd engaged from start to finish. Fan favorites included “Wasteland” and “Gasoline.” By the end of Against the Current’s set, the crowd was hyped up and ready for State Champs.

Finally, State Champs came out in full swing to “Remedy.” Fans wasted no time as they started crowd surfing to the front from the first note. Hailing from Albany, New York, State Champs made sure to put on one hell of a show for their home state. They followed up with some hits off of their latest album, Around the World and Back, including “Losing Myself,” “Shape Up,” and “Eyes Closed.” The group then played “Simple Existence,” a throwback from their debut full-length album The Finer Things, which had the crowd going wild. For a pleasant change of pace, State Champs slowed things down with “Stick Around” off of their self-released 2011 EP Apparently, I’m Nothing and “Around the World and Back.” The remainder of the setlist contained hit songs, including “All You Are Is History,” “Easy Enough,” and “Elevated.” Fans demanded an encore and State Champs came back out with a final bang. “Critical” and “Secrets” were the final songs of the night.

Not ones to take live performances lightly, State Champs played a wild set packed with energy and awesome music. Irving Plaza was packed front to back with fans yelling the lyrics of every song, crowdsurfing, and moshing. From front to back this tour was stacked with talented artists.

Be sure to catch a show the next time State Champs, Against the Current, With Confidence, or Don Broco is in your area!

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