SUM 41 – o2 Academy Brixton, London – 03.02.2017
Photos by: Phillip Antoniou

SUM 41 returned to London with an experience to never forget! It’s safe to say that most of the crowd from the sold out show were taken back in time, during their prime years of course, and were reinvigorated with SUM 41’s fresh performance. Entering the stage behind a white cloth, the band teased the crowd with the intro build up to ‘A Murder Of Crows’ from their new album ’13 Voices’. The cloth dropped and… Hello, SUM 41! The whole venue erupted in cheers and the show had officially started! Throughout the night the the band roared through each song with all the Punk Rock they had in them! The show included all the nostalgic songs such as, ‘The Hell Song, No Reason, In To Deep’ and ‘Motivation’ along with new songs from their latest album, such as ‘War’, ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘God Save Us All’ – which included an amazing drum solo!

For the band’s encore, frontman Deryck Whibley took the stage playing two songs on the piano showing a more meaningful side to Punk Rock. After playing, ‘Crash’ and the ‘Pieces,’ the band joined back in to finish off the night with their hit “Fat Lip.” After the song was over, the band left the stage along with many others in the venue. However, those who stayed behind just a while longer were treated to something incredible as the band had one more surprise: a second encore! The remaining fans were left satisfied rocking out to ‘Pain For Pleasure’ with Tom Thacker on vocals. A perfect end to amazing night.

SUM 41