SunFest – West Palm Beach, FL – 5.6.18

SunFest – Day 4
West Palm Beach, FL – 5.6.18
Photos by Alex Liscio

The final day of SunFest was the only day that didn’t live up to its name. It was cloudy and gloomy all day on Sunday, bringing fits of rain throughout the day. Luckily, no sets got pushed back and the day still had lots in store for the attendees of SunFest. Lovelytheband opened up the Tire Kingdom stage for a big crowd. Usually, people didn’t show up to that stage until about midday, or meandered around until it thickened. They hit the stage opening with “make you feel pretty,” a summery tune that had everyone dancing. Nearing the third song, the sky grew ominous which meant it was time to head back to the media room until the rain lightened up. Fans stuck it out in the rain to watch the band play a set full of catchy bubblegum pop, while some were just waiting for Third Eye Blind to hit the stage.

Third Eye Blind opened their set with “Graduate,” and even brought their own lighting set-up, which made for an incredible light show. It was still drizzling off and on throughout their set, and started to pick up nearing the middle of their performance. That didn’t stop a single person in the audience, seeing as umbrellas just started to pop up instead. Watching hundreds of people sing, dance, and jump with their favorite artist on stage as the rain is coming down felt like something out of a movie. 3EB are a passionate band with even more passionate fans and it was a remarkable scene.

SunFest attendees had the opportunity to see two Jonas Brothers during the same weekend, which I believe is notable. The night before, Nick Jonas headlined the event, and on Sunday afternoon, Joe Jonas performed with his band DNCE. The quartet have an extensive track-list of funky, pop-radio dwelling hits, most of which you’ve likely heard before. They were rowdy on stage and performed fan favorites “Kissing Strangers,” “Toothbrush,” and Cake by the Ocean,” sending fans into an energetic frenzy.

Over on the Ford stage, the perfect set leading up to Pitbull kicked off at 6:15 p.m. Social media sensation Malu Trevejo packed a punch in her interactive set, where she brought dancers, upbeat music, and a smile that never left her face. The 15-year-old Cuban-American singer brought something different to SunFest, and warmed the crowd up for the night’s biggest headliner, Pitbull.

The time that everyone was waiting for finally came. A countdown began from 10, with “5” moving to the right side, “3” moving to the left side, and “0” staying in the middle to spell out “Mr. 305.” Following came a galaxy-like screen, defining him as an educator, entrepreneur, and beyond. Pitbull took the stage promptly, opening up with “Don’t Stop the Party.” Fog shot toward the air and Pitbull joined his dancers and moved in unison, swinging hips and moving provocatively. “Bon Bon” and “Fireball” filled the air, and the crowd went wild as the singer moved to the end of the catwalk to greet fans.

Attendees ended SunFest either with Pitbull, CAKE, or PartyNextDoor, and closed out the night with a beautiful fireworks show over the intracoastal waterway. The festival made sure to remind everyone to mark their calendars for next year’s event, which lands on May 2 – 5, 2019.