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Seoul Searching

New York City is known as the “city that never sleeps,” but I beg to differ. Seoul is more aptly named as it’s filled with vibrant passion for life that buzzes in my veins while I walk down the…

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EXO The War

Thanks to my long summers in Texas and Tennessee, when I think of summer I think of the sticky humidity drawing mosquitos to you and the loud cicadas that never shut up. But I also think of walking into…

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BTS Flys With WINGS Comeback

The arguably most popular current boy group in South Korea, BTS, has released a new music video and dropped their second full length album — WINGS. Before the album released, BTS produced a series of seven short films — the…

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GOT7 Lifts Off With “Turbulence.”

After releasing their first Flight Log mini album, “Departure,” in March, completing a North America and Asia tour, and winning several awards for the album, the Korean boy band GOT7 returns with the sequel, “Turbulence.” The “Departure” album, with leading…

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Death and Pastel

Players play Russian Roulette by inserting one bullet into the chamber of a revolver, spinning it and pulling the trigger while aiming it and their own heads. At first glance, Red Velvet’s new music video “Russian Roulette” seems to follow…

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CD9 And Crayon Pop Break Boundaries

The extremely popular Mexican boyband, CD9, and Korean pop girl group, Crayon Pop, broke cultural and language barriers by becoming the first Spanish and Korean collaboration. Although many Korean and Western artists, usually Americans, have collaborated in the past —…

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NCT’s Newest Subunit “Dream” Debuts

To most, a 14 member boyband sounds a bit extreme. But by splitting the 14 boys into three subunits, SM, the powerful and successful Korean entertainment company, managed to make it work. NCT U became the first subunit to debut when…

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Hyuna Releases New Music Video

Three weeks ago the Korean pop singer Hyuna Kim released her new album and music video “How’s This?” Just yesterday she released a second music video, “Morning Glory,” as a follow up. “Morning Glory” remains one of the fewer…

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EXO Returns With Repackaged “Lotto” Album

One month following their Ex’Act comeback, the Korean pop band EXO released a repackaged version of the album titled “Lotto” on August 18th. Although the Lotto album only contains three new songs and one remix, EXO once again sky…

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Kim Jonghyun Releases New Music Video and Album

Kim Jonghyun, member of the band SHINee, released his first solo album just yesterday. The music video reached over 600,000 views in a day. “After finishing the tracks, I finally released my full-length album,” said Jonghyun during a press conference…

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WINNER Drops Three New Music Videos

WINNER is back. The group released their latest mini album, EXIT:E on Feb. 1, along with three new music videos for ‘Baby Baby,’ ‘I’m Young,’ and ‘Sentimental’. You can check out the music videos below.…

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B.A.P Announce World Tour

After 2 years, the Hip-Hop group B.A.P are back with their Awake world tour. They will be visiting 15 different countries starting in February in South Korea. The tour includes countries such as England, Germany, Poland, USA, and Russia,…