The Shop – Hutchins, TX – 3.5.2016
Photos by: Zoe Dillman

The small industrial town of Hutchins, Texas lies about fifteen minutes outside the heart of Dallas. Here, Jimmie Osteen organizes house shows for local bands of almost every genre. That Saturday’s lineup consisted of hardcore, metal, groove, and melodic hardcore. When I pulled up to the warehouse there were already several clumps of people socializing before the first set, a split between Bruiser and No Solace. Bruiser warmed up the crowd with a set full of riffs and plenty of two-stepping. Next, No Solace delivered with a fun, fast paced energy and stage presence. SALT mixed it up by covering Juicy J’s “Drugged Out” to hype up the crowd. After the cover, the four piece performed a few tracks off of their first volume, “Pretty Boys & Old Golfers”. Next, Tooth & Nail got the crowd moving with melodic hardcore and fiery energy. Next, Trials of Man brought the heat with brutal vocals and a stage presence to match. Shortly after, Interrupting the Sequence brought the technicality with their single, “Within Dreams”. About halfway through the set, a Trump banner appeared. Like magic, members of the crowd immediately pulled out lighters in an attempt to incinerate it. Quickly realizing it was made of plastic and it could not burn, it was ripped to shreds. After the political fiasco, The Optimist began their set. Kicks and silly string were flying through the air as “Afraid” rang through the PA. Oklahoma City natives, No Prophet showed Texas some love with some hardcore jams. A Sounding Sea closed out the night with a blend of spoken word and heavy instrumentals . At the end of their set, they covered “Killing In the Name” and the crowd erupted into energy.



***Please note that the headliner, With Teeth, is not pictured***