The Devil Wears Prada, Veil of Maya & Silent Planet
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 9.30.2017
Photographer: Robert Sherman

Ohio metalcore outfit The Devil Wears Prada returned to Michigan on September 30, 2017 in the midst of the No Sun/No Moon Tour, fresh off of touring with heavy metal legends Anthrax earlier in 2017, and close to a year after the group’s most recent album Transit Blues was released.

Transit Blues was met with positive reviews from the likes of Metacritic, AllMusic and Rocksound; and is actually one of this writer’s favorite metalcore records. The intensity and emotion of tracks like “To the Key of Evergreen,” and “Daughter,” translated amazingly with lead vocalist Mike Hranica screaming into my face.

The No Sun/No Moon Tour is being played in support of a documentary that was released earlier in September with the same title.

The members of TDWP have always been honest about their lack of enjoyment of playing material from their earlier releases. Contrary to that, the band played tracks spanning throughout its entire career on the No Sun/No Moon Tour, including four from With Roots Above and Branches Below.

Tracks like “Sassafras,” “Assistant to the Regional Manager,” “Reptar, King of the Ozone,” and “Danger: Wildman,” have aged like a fine wine with the band, opting to play a majority of the tracks without the electronic programming, giving the classic songs a more metalcore feel.

Songs from concept EP’s Zombie and Space were also broken out on this tour, scattered throughout the setlist before the band performed the intense track “Mammoth,” off of Dead Throne, as its encore.

Fellow metalcore quartet Veil of Maya played a brutally heavy direct support set with a majority of its setlist consisting of tracks from most recent release Matriarch. Although, they did break out a new track in “Overthrow” from upcoming album False Idol, out October 20.

Up-and-coming, yet mildly popular, metalcore band Silent Planet provided further support on the evening, coming right out of the gate with “Panic Room,” and continuing their incredibly entertaining and emotional set through “Depth II.”

Thousand Below (not pictured) opened the show.

The Devil Wears Prada


Veil of Maya

Silent Planet