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The Picturebooks – Electric Ballroom, Camden – 03.22.17

The Picturebooks

The Picturebooks – Electric Ballroom Camden, London – 03.22.17
Photos by: Phillip Antoniou

Subtle but crazy lights, non-stop guitar strumming, drum smashing and sweaty passion! The Picturebooks opened up for Monster Truck at the Electric Ballroom in Camden whilst joining on their tour. Never before has one seen so much hair swinging around from a lead singer (Fynn Claus Grabke) and drummer (Philipp Mirtschink). Guitar strumming like it was their last show and drums being bashed as hard as ever, these two dudes put on one of the more energetic, fun-filled shows to date! The Picturebooks started the show with two songs from their new album ‘Home Is A Heartache’, ‘No Fucks Given’ and ‘Bad Habits Die Hard’. The audience could just see the passion and excitement they felt playing the London show. With most of the crowd not knowing who they were, they were very humble and definitely gained a lot more fans like myself. After the show, the band showed their gratitude and appreciation by going over to their merch stand for the crowd to say hello, and give thoughts. Free stickers were also given and, honestly, who doesn’t love stickers?

The Picturebooks

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