Light Up the Sky, Too Close to Touch, New Years Day, Blessthefall, Crown the Empire
The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 11.27.2016
Photos by: Ashton Garner

This past Sunday, the Retrograde Tour hit Atlanta and kicked off the opening of The Masquerade’s new location. What a great way to open the new location.

First up was Light Up the Sky, who opened with their jam “NightLife.” From start to finish, the band was filled with energy and kept me entertained the whole set. By the time their last song, “Breather,” was finished, I was left wanting to see a longer set.

Next, Too Close to Touch took the stage. Halfway through their set, the band paused. A crowd member behind me spoke to their friend, “He’s gonna make me cry. This is going to be a heartfelt speech.” Shortly after, Keaton began a speech that encouraged anyone who has ever felt abandoned to carry on and be strong, which led into the ever-meaningful “Hell to Pay.”

The second they entered the room, New Years Day created a unique energy that swelled through the crowd. They played hits like “Angel Eyes” and “Other Side,” and constantly kept the crowd entertained. The band’s onstage antics were great to watch and pulled me in, leaving me wanting to see more.

As soon as the lights dimmed for Blessthefall, I knew it was going to be a good set. The members were all enthusiastic to be onstage and gave off a great energy that the crowd happily reciprocated. Beau was a ball of energy as usual, but took it to the next level when he jumped off the stage and walked on the bar counter during “Looking Down from the Edge.” The spontaneity of Blessthefall made them a joy to watch and jam along to.

Lastly, Crown the Empire played a killer set. The whole band came out with smiles on their faces and an incredible energy. They played a good mix of new and older songs, with some of the crowd favorites being “Are You Coming With Me?” and “Initiation.” They even took a bit to slow it down with “Millennia,” my personal favorite. It was such a surreal experience, and the variety of new and old songs in their setlist made it even better.

All bands came to put on a great show, and they did just that. It was one of the few shows where the crowd was just as into the opening bands as they were the headliners, which made the experience that much better. Seeing a crowd enjoy themselves that much and seeing the bands doing the same made for a great night. The Retrograde Tour isn’t one to sleep on.

Light Up the Sky

Too Close to Touch

New Years Day


Crown the Empire