The Spill Canvas w.s.g. Chase Huglin
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 10.15.2017
Photographer: Robert Sherman

Every music lover has that one album that changed their lives, and music tastes forever, and while I admit that Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree was my teenage formative release, there was another record that helped shape my love for music.

And that record was No Really, I’m Fine by The Spill Canvas, which introduced me to the more independant and vulnerable sound that is found outside of the mainstream punk rock releases. Despite being the bands first ‘major label’ release, the album features lyrics and composition created close to lead singer Nick Thomas’ heart.

So, when I heard that Thomas was bringing TSC back on the road for a 10-year anniversary tour to play NRIF in its entirety, I made sure that I was there to capture the playing of one of my favorite records ever created.

That being said, you could tell that Thomas and company aren’t the well-oiled touring band that concert go-ers are used to seeing play. The Spill Canvas isn’t a full-time band, and have only toured extensively twice in the last five years and this was evident between songs, with Thomas stopping to tell stories and joke with the crowd.

This delay between tracks may have messed with the smoothness and flow of the setlist, but definitely did not decrease the quality and vulnerability that come naturally with songs off of the album.

The set started with “Reckless Abandonment,” “All Over You,” and “Battles,” which sounded like they were playing right off the record itself. It’s safe to say that, musically, the band hasn’t lost a step when it comes to performing their songs to a high quality.

The show quickly picked up a very intimate vibe as it went on, with fans even walking right up to the stage to give the guys in the band whiskey shots, a bra being thrown on stage after Thomas told a story about the last time TSC played in Detroit, and multiple stories being told to fans about the meanings behind the tracks.

The show was definitely a change of pace from packed set lists with clearly rehearsed breaks and incredible production values, allowing The Spill Canvas to be exactly who they’ve always been on stage.

Very real, and very vulnerable.

Make sure to catch Nick Thomas and The Spill Canvas on the 10-Year Anniversary Tour of No Really, I’m Fine, traveling through the United States this Fall.

The Spill Canvas

Chase Huglin