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THE USED – HOB MYRTLE BEACH – 9.23.16-9.24.16

The Used 15th Anniversary Tour

House of Blues – Myrtle Beach – 9.23.16-9.24.16

Review and Photos by: Whitney Newell

Arriving to the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I noticed the dark clouds looming overhead. Rain was in the forecast but that didn’t stop The Used fans from lining up wrapped around the building hours before doors opened. Eventually, it began to pour but this did not have an affect on the dedicated fans waiting in line. As doors opened, fans rushed in as fast as they could to get their bags checked and tickets scanned. As soon as I got into the venue, the merch table was surrounding by people, all wanting to get their 15th Anniversary Tour shirts.

The barricade quickly lined up with fans as anticipation grew for the opening band, New Language, to come on. The band played a solid set and for the last song the drummer and lead singer switch places for an awesome change of pace that captivated the crowd. They played the same set the second night as well, which I found to be a smart move because the audience was able to sing along to the somewhat familiar words.

Right after New Language finished their set the first night, the crew started setting up mannequins with lyrics off of The Used self titled album, which was to be played in full for night one. Then a well-known mic stand was placed with Bert McCracken’s large white bandana wrapped around it. This really got the crowd excited and that excitement stayed until the band emerged to start the set with Maybe Memories. The lighting was phenomenal and memorable and gave such a strong support to the music with it. The night progressed on as the band played the songs like they had just been released from the album, not 14 years ago. The nostalgic fans loved singing every word to a classic album that got so many people through some of the harshest times. Bert opened up about his struggles with drugs and talked about his four-year sobriety. The intimacies of both nights were overwhelming as the lead singer opened up between songs. The second night, The Used played their very popular album In Love and Death, this time with a huge backdrop that reflected the album art with a large flashing red heart in the center. Bert opened up again about the reasons behind the songs, including that “All That I’ve Got” was about his dog “David Bowie” passing away. After finishing up the album, the band was called back for an encore and played “Pretty Handsome Awkward” from one of their other albums, “Lies For The Liars”. The crowd flipped out, as this was the one song of the night they had not anticipated. After, the crowd walked out, sporting a good handful of The Used tattoos and plenty of shirts and vinyl, still on the high from the past two nights they got to experience.


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