The Weepies/Hideaway 10th Anniversary Tour – Gramercy Theatre – 4.20.2018

The Weepies/Hideaway 10th Anniversary Tour
New York, NY- 4.20.18
Photos by Sam Lichtenstein

On an unreasonably cold April night, fans gathered to lower Manhattan’s Gramercy Theatre to sway the Friday away with indie folk duo The Weepies, and Irish singer-songwriter Mark Greary.

Mark took the stage with a big grin, commenting at how kind The Weepies’ fans are. “I just expect you all to pick up trash around you as you leave, and once you exit the venue, clean up the entire city!” Geary held his own as a one-man show, playing the acoustic guitar to accompany his soulful tunes. At the end of his set, he brought up The Weepies’ own Deb Talan and singer Gia Margaret (on tour with The Weepies) for their own duet, much to the excitement of the almost sold out crowd. He reminisced about his past years in New York City before closing with a duet between Margaret and himself.

The Weepies took the stage with big grins of their own, clearly happy to be back on tour and in the Big Apple. The duo brought along bassist Johnny Flowers, a touring drummer, and singer Gia Margaret. They opened with Hideaway, which seemed like a no-brained with the tour being a 10 year anniversary of the album of the same name. Other hits from Hideaway were played, including “Can’t Go Back Now” and “Wish I Could Forget.” Catchy hit (and my personal favorite) “Be My Honeypie” was played halfway through their upbeat yet relaxing performance, while “World Spins Madly On,” one of their hit singles that’s been featured on numerous soundtracks, was saved for the end. The crowd had an electric energy, with Steven exclaiming that he wanted this crowd to come to every show. An encore of “Stars” brought the night to a close. Experiencing The Weepies at a live show, with a full band behind them, gives an all new depth and personality to their music. If you’ve ever played their songs on a late-night car ride (guilty) or used their airy tunes as a way to relax and unwind, definitely go out to a show. They will surely blow you away.