Thursday Reunion Tour – House of Blues – 4.8.17

Basement started the show by serenading the crowd with soul-gripping tracks such as “Covet” and “Aquasun”.  Touché Amoré delivered an emotional performance, playing mostly songs off of their recently released LP Stage Four. Audience members screamed back lyrics when vocalist Jeremy Bolm ended the set by joining the crowd for the band’s popular song “~”. Headliner Thursday lit up the venue with a vibrant energy, matched only by the excited audience members. Concert-goers were thrilled when the band announced they would be playing “some older stuff” that evening, such as War All The Time and Waiting. Overall, it was an emotional night. From Basement’s cathartic melodies to Touché Amoré’s tales of grief, and Thursday’s nostalgic jams, every band left the audience in tears. 


Touché Amoré