Title Fight – The Metro – 01.14.17

Tomorrow Never Knows is a festival hosted by Chicago’s own Lincoln Hall & Schubas. Spanning over the course of a few days the fest reaches several venues not only at just Lincoln Hall and Schubas but also at the Metro, Smartbar, and the Hideout. The fest has been going strong for over a decade and this past weekend, Kingston, PA’s own, Title Fight, graced the stage at the Metro with their presence, showmanship, and raw talent. Every single person in the crowd lost their mind and their sense of safety as soon as the words “Hi, we’re Title Fight.” were uttered by vocalist/bassist Ned Russin. The set began with classic, high-energy, fan-favorites such “Coxton Yard”, “Shed”, and “Numb, But I Still Feel It”. As they rolled through the set with seamless ease the four-piece performed songs off the critically acclaimed Floral Green as well as their latest record, Hyperview, which was released back in 2015. The crowd was so unbelievably energetic that even during slower tracks such as “Receiving Line” and “Head in the Ceiling Fan” people were still swaying and moshing in an inane fashion. Though it’s been almost two years since they last played in the city of Chicago, Title Fight’s set on Saturday night set an incredibly high standard for shows to come at both the Metro and in Chicago as a whole for the remainder of 2017. Be sure to purchase a ticket if they roll through your city in the future.