Tour Life: On the Road with Famous Last Words

Post-hardcore rockers, Famous Last Words have been out on the road lately. The guys have given their fans at Acentric Magazine a little peek into what life on tour is like through their eyes!


While the guys were recording the instrumentals for Council Of The Dead back in 2014, I had the privilege of flying out to New York City to shoot the short film for our first album, Two-Faced Charade. This was the view I got from the car ride to the director’s Apartment. One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. // JT

This is a random Spongebob we found in the middle of a river while we were out on a nature walk in Stanhope New Jersey. I couldn’t not take this picture… // JT

I don’t remember what tour this was or when it was, but it’s also one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. I took it while we were driving through the valleys in California. It was absolutely breathtaking there. // JT

This is about as artistic as I can be when it comes to photography. Again, while we were at the Grand Canyon. Just some small stones stacked on top of one another. I kind of hope some tourist saw it and was convinced they had been like that for millions of years. // Evan

During the summer of 2015, we made our way down into California along the north coast. This photo was taken while we were stretching our legs on this amazing little beach along the north shore. We ended up spending about 2 hours exploring the beach and climbing some rock faces despite it being about 50 degrees. // Evan

Washington is home to the world famous Pikes Place Fish Market and is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go since I learned about them back in marketing class. Nothing like the atmosphere and food of Seattle’s Public Market! // Matt

Some of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever seen in my life have been on the Pacific Coast. My good friend Bryce Hall captured this shot of me standing 30 feet out on a gigantic redwood. Hard to believe we almost didn’t stop! // Matt

First and only time we’ve been to Niagara Falls. Decided to make a pit stop after a tour on our way home. It was super cold and windy but the falls were insane looking. // TyTy

I love California and the beaches so much. We had a day off in Venice Beach so we wandered around the city for a bit then spent a few hours on the beach relaxing. // TyTy

Just like most bands I know who play Amityville NY, we HAD to go check out the Amityville Horror House. It was pretty cool to see in person, but I definitely feel bad for the people living there. So many security cameras, so many tourists… If they were smart, they’d charge for entry and go buy another house to live in.

Famous Last Words Remaining Tour Dates

5/14 – Dallas, TX – The Door *FLW ONLY*
5/16 – Tupelo, MS – Midnight Rodeo *FLW ONLY*
5/18 – Orlando, FL – Backbooth *FLW ONLY*
5/19 – Melbourne, FL – Iron Oak Post *FLW ONLY*