Having a weird spring break can be both a blessing and a curse. Everyone I know (who I don’t go to school with) has already had their break and is back at school until summer. I had to sit in class and hear about their awesome adventures, and now they aren’t around to adventure with me.

That being said, the unconventional timing of our break allowed me to pick up a friend (who I do go to school with) and drive two hours to the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz, California, and have the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as well as many surrounding beaches virtually to ourselves.

Although the trip lasted only about 36 hours, we spent that time exploring the public beach that stretches from the boardwalk to our hotel, going on any amusement park ride that was open at the boardwalk, eating delicious food (Beach Street Cafe and Ideal Bar & Grill are highly recommended), and watching the sun rise and set.