Don’t ever rush an artist to finish their work.

After more than year of careful deliberation and winding past life’s treacherous obstacles, Two Cheers and its frontman Bryan Akcasu have finally put the final pieces together for another brand new record, “Rollick.”

The record is fresh and catchy, showing the maturation the band has gone through and experienced through family issues, marriage and even moving from home to home, specifically Los Angeles to Detroit.

“It took a long time to make it the record,” Akcasu said. “Before it was just two people and it was quick and inspiring, but this one is just a five-piece band in Detroit collaborating and a lot of stuff kept happening.”

Though the obstacles Akcasu and Co. faced sideswiped them from the writing process a bit, it made the record richer.

“When you make a record quickly, all the songs have a thread because they’re made in the same head space and the same vein that goes through them all,” Akcasu said about the upcoming record. “But this one was made in such a long time that the songs are more diverse. It’s just different.”

For instance, the opening track “Over My Shoulder” makes you feel that the monkey on their backs has been lifted from everything they’ve gone through for the past 365 days or so.

It also shows the band’s sound diversity and influences ranging from Young the Giant to the Killers to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“Changing a style is like steering a big ship for new things to sink in,” Akcasu said. “In the next phase or two you’ll hear more Detroit. I started working on it right when I got (to Detroit), so I don’t know if it’s sink in yet, but the next release might be Detroit.”

“Detroit solidified our identity,” he continued. “Detroit is very diverse – there’s an emphasis on the garage rock sound. We played this music with catchy synths and melody and we decided to go even more in that direction.”

Rollick makes its debut on Friday, July 14, but here’s a glimpse of the record with a track called “No Good At Talking.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated the album will be released on Monday, July 10. Instead, the actual release date is Friday, July 14.