MATISYAHU – UNDERCURRENT- Rockwood Music Hall – 5.19.17





Thursday at midnight, technically Friday May 19th.  The long anticipated album from Grammy nominated artist Matisyahu  released his sixth studio album “Undercurrent”. And that was cause for a celebration. The album release party was held at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Matisyahu played a lengthy set backed by original dub trio bassist Stu Brooks, Aaron Duran,  Joe Tomino on drums and Big Yuki on the keyboard.

They started their set with their first single of the record “Step Out Into The Light ”  followed by “Back To The Old”. They performed the whole album in its entirety, and a few fan favorites including “Running Away”.

After a few months of band rehearsals being broadcasted on Facebook live and small clips here and their the fans finally got to experience these songs in person, and it was definitely worth the wait. Matisyahu brought an old college friend Stan ipcus for BSP: Blue Sky Playground. It was a small stage but they all made it work and sounded phenomenal. It was a perfect night the guys played their hearts out and you could tell they were very proud to finally have their hard work pay off. The Dub trio pushes the boundaries of adding melodic layering with the dub sounds, and it sounds even better live.

The new record is a collaborative effort and is a fully realized concept album crafted by the band.  Matisyahu explains. “This is the first album I’ve made that is produced by myself and the band with out any outside forces involved. It’s my baby. No compromises, full artistic integrity.”

“Artist/designer Joey Bayer created the cover art and comic to follow based on fantasy versions of the band members and myself. At times during shows I’ve found myself lost in trance where the band becomes a unit of spiritual warriors fighting to free the souls of the youth. We’ve created all of the album art around this fantasy.”

Undercurrent is Matisyahu’s most courageous release to date the vulnerability felt throughout the lyrical narrative comes from acceptance in uncertainty. “This record is like, Abraham’s walk back down the mountain. After he’s made this kind of breakthrough experience, like how does he now come back to life? And that’s kind of what this period of time in my life has been all about. Like “Okay, now you broke out of bad relationships, bad habits, religious practices that weren’t working for you, philosophical, you know, mental ties that you had to things.” And, and then it’s like, “Okay, where are you now?” You know? And that’s kind of what this record is”.

Undercurrent is out now 


01. Step Out Into The Light

02. Back To The Old

03. Coming Up Empty

04. Blue Sky Playground

05. Tell Me

06. Forest of Faith (Emunah)

07. Head Right

08. Driftin’