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Ursae streams “So Green Her Eyes” via Pancakes and Whiskey

Artist/producer Ursae, aka Andrew Campbell, has premiered his new single “So Green Her Eyes” exclusively via Pancakes and Whiskey today! Listen HERE. This track comes from Ursae’s forthcoming self-titled EP, slated for release in February. For more information about Ursae, please visit:

“‘So Green Her Eyes’ imagines Death as this girl I had a crush on in high school, but was way out of my league,” Ursae told Pancakes and Whiskey about the new track. He continued saying, “The song looks at depression and loneliness and says, ‘You might fantasize about Death but it’s not right for you. Be with someone you deserve.'”Pancakes and Whiskey remarked that, “Combining smart lyrics and an uncanny ability to create lush arrangements surrounding the words, Ursae creates a world where the listener can fully submerge themselves without pretense.”
Having recently graduated from New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Ursae’s music draws from his experience as a jazz musician as well as his command in the studio, coming together to create detailed and powerful music. Evident on “So Green Her Eyes,” Ursae blends organic instruments – guitars, pianos, flutes – with synths and programmed sounds to create a style all his own.
Preparing for the release of his debut self-titled EP, Ursae offers listeners a unique take on mainstream pop – delving into the growing sub-genre “avant-pop.” Gathering inspiration from the likes of The Postal Service, Grizzly Bear, and Modest Mouse, Ursae’s unique sound uses layers of instruments and poetic lyrics, drawing listeners in from the very first note. The 24-year old artist producer writes about personal experiences of himself and his loved ones, alternating between reserved and resolute – an ever-changing dynamic that keeps you hooked until the end.
“So Green Her Eyes” comes from Ursae’s forthcoming debut self-titled EP, slated for release in February. For more information, please visit:
For more information on Ursae, please visit:

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