Warped Tour Veterans – The Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA

Many bands have become veterans to the Vans Warped Tour, with some having played the tour upwards of 9 or 10 years. These groups have helped shaped the festival into the long-running success it is today. Despite some serious rain and schedule setbacks at the Massachusetts date, our top “Warped Veteran” bands lived up to all the hype.


Despite having formed in early 2000, Silverstein remains one of the most influential bands in the alt-rock scene. The group returned for their 5th summer on Warped Tour this year and released their 9th studio album, Dead Reflection, on July 14th. Rain started to fall shortly following the start of Silverstein’s set; however, that didn’t stop them from putting on an energetic and nostalgic set for their longtime fans. Silverstein won’t be falling out of the spotlight anytime soon, and we’re excited to see what else these guys have in store!


Still as one of the strongest bands in their scene, Blessthefall conquered yet another year of being on Warped Tour. A major standout factor for this band is their ability to create such a strong connection with the crowd—ultimately responsible for their successful lineage of die-hard fans throughout all these years. Beau Bokan is one of my favorite vocalists live, as he constantly stirs up the crowd’s energy just to give it back to them tenfold. He was in the crowd for at least three songs of their set, and when he’s on stage, he’s jumping in time with the band’s synchronized beat.


The last band of the night, Attila closed out Massachusetts Warped Tour with a banger. The rap-metal mavens got the crowd going one last time, playing favorites like “Party With The Devil,” “Proving Grounds,” and “About That Life.” Vocalist Chris “Fronz” Fronzak invited Sylar frontman Jayden Panesso onstage for an epic guest feature. Their fourth summer on the tour, Attila had no problem transforming Warped Tour into a full-blown party.

Photos of Attila and Silverstein by Brittany Isaacson | Photos of Blessthefall by Jordyn Beschel