Warped Tour Virgins – Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA – 7.12.2017

Vans Warped Tour 2017 sports a killer lineup, including artists who have become veterans to the tour over the years; however, this year also brings many new faces along for the ride. Check out how our top “Warped Virgin” picks performed at Warped in Mansfield, MA.


Despite some rain, fans didn’t hesitate to flock to the stage for Sylar’s set on the Mutant South stage. Right from the start, Sylar demanded the crowd’s attention with their crushing instrumentals and compelling vocals. Playing some of their earlier songs like “Golden Retreat” and “Live/Breathe,” as well as hits off of their latest effort Help!, Sylar made sure to dominate every minute of their set. The pit was in full swing for the final song, “Assume,” where vocalist Jayden ventured to the crowd for one last epic chorus.

The White Noise

Just in time for The White Noise’s set, the sun peaked out from the clouds and shined on the Skullcandy stage, where the crowd seemed to just keep growing. Within seconds of the first song, vocalist Shawn Walker ran out to the crowd, encouraging fans to scream the lyrics to “Bloom.” The post-hardcore outfit played a number of songs off of their latest album, AM/PM, released last month. The band delivered one of the most exciting performances of the day with their energetic stage presence and Walker’s up-close-and-personal interaction with the crowd.


Movements is a band that physically and emotionally gives their all for every show, and the Mansfield date was truly no exception. The set started out with a happy birthday sing-along as it was their vocalist Patrick Miranda’s birthday as well. Once he stepped to center stage and grabbed the mic, limbs were already starting to fly. Of the times I have seen Movements in the past, I have never seen their crowds be anything but passionate, nor have I seen the band be anything but totally musically solid. It’s often hard for me to make sound judgments, especially at festivals where there are so many bands to watch throughout the day, but I can say with pure, genuine honesty that Movements was the best band I had watched all day.

Knocked Loose

Most of the time when you go to see a band perform, you’re going to see the band perform. However, when you go to a Knocked Loose show, you’re going to see the band and the crowd. Their Massachusetts set had one of the wildest crowds I have seen in a very long time by any band. Judging by their frequent pauses to overlook the crowd, they were just as in awe. The barricade containing fans was falling over, security was running frantically, and surrounding merch tents were being conquered—all the while the hardest downpour of the day continued to fall. The weather had no effect on the intensity of their performance, as Knocked Loose still delivered one of the (if not the most) hardest, craziest sets of the whole day.

Boston Manor

It must have been a sign that the clouds parted as Boston Manor took the stage. The dedicated fans harboring the front row stuck it out through the rainfall before their set, but once the sky turned blue and sun began to peak, their stage filled rather quickly. Frontman Henry Cox shook the stage with his quake-like energy and got everyone amped up after such a dreary day. Crowdsurfers were being flung and voices were screaming out the lyrics to fan-favorites like “Lead Feet” and their closer “Laika”. Watching Boston Manor dominating the stage, I remember thinking to myself, “This is what Warped Tour is about”—bands being passionate on stage about their music and fans responding back with just as much intensity.

Photos of Sylar, The White Noise by Brittany Isaacson | Photos of Movements, Knocked Loose, Boston Manor by Jordyn Beschel