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Weezer and Panic! At The Disco – Summer Tour – 6.21.16

Panic! At The Disco and Weezer

Walnut Creek Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC – 6.21.16

Photos by: Whitney Newell


Before Panic! comes on, all there is a a huge white curtain. Movement can be seen behind the curtain and almost seems intentional, then you see two hands come out and start making silly gestures and one can only assume it is the frontman, Brendan Urie. The crowd close enough to see it goes wild. Eventually the curtain drops and the band comes out swinging. Brendan comes out in a rainbow cape singing “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time”, beaming from ear to ear, the cheers and applause couldn’t have been any louder. The band ironically plays Girls/Girls/Boys, taking a nice stab at NC’s heavily debated HB2 law that recently passed. The band spares no album, playing at least one hit from each, but is heavily focused on Panic!’s most recent release “Death Of A Bachelor”. Even though Panic! didn’t close the night, it didn’t stop fans from asking for an encore, even though they played a very satisfying 18 song set.

As the crowd patiently awaited the final act of the evening, the amphitheater fell silent as the stage’s backdrop lit up and displayed Weezer’s famous “W” logo. The band walks out to a roaring crowd. They waste no time as they dive straight into their first song “California Kids”. The energy completely shifts to a mellow but satisfied tone as long time fans sing every word. As the set progresses throughout the night, their backdrop changes to suit each of the songs while keeping a “summer time beach party” like vibe. When the band plays “Hash Pipe” the crowd is bombarded with a plethora of beach balls that don’t stop for songs later. Even the band kicks the balls back as the hit the stage to keep the momentum going. They played all of their hits, new and old, including songs like “My Name Is Jonas”, “Beverly Hills”, and “Island In The Sun. They end out the night with a crowd favorite, “Say It Ain’t So”. As the last song is played, and they wrap up the night, the crowd is still wanting more. After tremendous chants for an encore, Weezer returns to the stage. The begin to play the old but still loved “El Scorcho”. As the song ends and the crowd is satisfied, Weezer hits the crowd with one last song, “Buddy Holly”. The crowd goes ballistic. Confetti and beach balls are everywhere. The night concludes in the most epic, yet appropriate way as possible, leaving everyone in attendance with memories for a lifetime.

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