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White Label Analog – In Case You Just Tuned In

Album: In Case You Just Tuned In
Artist: White Label Analog
Genre: Indie/Alternative
For Fans of: The Killers, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys
Reviewer: Deanna Soukiasian

White Label Analog is a killer alt band from Austin, Texas. The band’s roll call includes Chris Didear (Lead Vocals), James Millican (Guitar/Vocals), Alison Pepper (Keys/Vocals), Aaron Herbster (Bass), and Heath Macintosh (Drums/Vocals).

Right off the bat, this music is not the norm for me, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this album. I like my tunes a bit less polished and also pretty dark, but this body of work actually has quite a lot of variety to it. Some songs were poppy, some sad, and some retro.

In Case You Just Tuned In is the debut album for White Label Analog. With no prior albums to compare this release to, I am tempted to compare it to our favorites from the early 2000’s such as now-classic releases from The Killers or the Arctic Monkeys – you know, a lot of simplified guitar instrumentals and parts that go “hoo hoo hoo.” This album takes me back to a time when I thought wearing head to toe pink fleece tracksuits was a pretty dope look and not at all unacceptable. But I do love a good blast from the past.

It’s hard to choose just one some from In Case You Just Tuned In; the whole album is definitely worth a listen. The album would be a pretty solid addition to any road trip playlist. There’s no doubt that, going forward, White Label Analog are going to continue putting out some smooth music. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hoping they come to embrace the dark side of music as well.

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